Wall Mirror Feng Shui


When installing the wall mirror, it should be noted that the placement of the mirror position has certain taboos on the wind shining:

(1) First, the wall mirror is not to the gods, will rush to the gods, showing the disarity of the gods; secondly cannot facilitate the door, the mirror will play the most useful, blocking the fortune in the family, will also put home. The fortune is blocked, and it is easy to have to be folded in life.
(2) The mirror is not able to facilitate the main entrance of the master bedroom, the main door of the master bedroom, is a very important part of the home, and half of the rest time will spend in the bedroom, so I can't go to the master bedroom, so as not to Help the bad fortune.
(3) The wall mirror cannot be placed on the ceiling, and the mirror is in the ceiling, there is no practical significance, people will consume money under the ceiling of the mirror, very disadvantageous to health.
(4) Pay attention to the mirror can't go to the bed, the mirror is against the owner, will reverse the good luck.