The process modeling of the candleholder


Candleholders are used for cutting candles and receiving dripping wax oil. Simply, it is a bearing plate with sharp needle. It is exquisite and can be cast into various process shapes. The size is also different. The small one is placed on several desk tables and can walk with hands. The large one is placed close to the ground, like a floor lamp. There are multiple support plates that can burn several candles at the same time. There are also many multi-layer candlesticks. When lit with candles, they are like a silver flower tree with brilliant light. Materials include silver, copper, iron, tin, wood, porcelain, tile and so on.

The candleholder is forged, carved, painted, or cast with inverted mold technology. It is a living appliance integrating practicability, craftsmanship, ornamental and decoration. Among them, there are many works of famous craftsmen of previous dynasties. They have ingenuity and innovation in design and production technology, which can not only display and watch, but also touch and play. And because it is common, The candle holder has a large amount of survival, and the relatively low price is also easy to invest. It is very suitable for public players to do category collection.