Wall Mirror Shape


There are many styles of wall mirrors. Let you introduce several popular mirror styles:
(1) Human Lily Wall Mirror
The decorations on this mirror are used in the resin material, which will not fade, and will not mold. If there is dust, you can easily clean it with water. It is also very simple to install. The thickness of the mirror is about 5 mm, because the details are very good, which can make it look simple and exquisite.

(2) Sun Wheel Mirror
This mirror uses its own elegant curve to show its smart. The entire shape of the mirror draws on the magnificent sun totem, making its light can be opened naturally; the mirror uses a gorgeous bead bag, the overall atmosphere is abnormal, and there is attractive.

(3) Fantasy variable color mirror
Dream colorless mirrors are based on circular design, which is very fresh and nature. Its biggest feature is to change according to the change of the light, and transform between blue and pink, so that the atmosphere of the home is very romantic and dreamy. Moreover, because the mirror is circular or decorated, it looks very soft, very good.