Living Room Wall Clock Precautions


The living room of the living room wall clock

The clock can be placed or hanging in the residential Qinglong Fang (ie Dongfang) and the southeast, because the Qinglong is a Ji Class, so the left side of the living room is also appropriately placed. As the color of the hour should be green, cyan, the shape is square, because these two orientation are wood.

Wall wall clock in the living room

The clock should not be placed or hanging in the white tiger side of the house (ie, the West), because the white tigers are the so-called fierce part of the traditional feng shui, so the right side of the residential should not put the clock. However, the northwest of the residential, and the color of the clock should be white, gold-color, and the shape is rounded as Geely, because this orientation is gold.

Water-water living room wall clocks 3

Don't place or hang in Xuanwu (ie north), because Xuanwu is behind, it is not easy to move.