How to make wood planter antiseptic


Everyone knows that wood planters have better ventilation and drainage performance, but attention should be paid to the preservation of wood and insect growth, so as not to affect the normal growth of plant roots and pests. So, how is the tub antiseptic?


Paulownia oil



1. The first method is to reduce the moisture content of the wood. Generally, when the moisture content drops to 18%, harmful substances such as mold and fungi cannot reproduce inside the wood;

2. The second type is paulownia oil. Tung oil is a natural quick-drying vegetable oil, which can protect wood planter from corrosion, moisture, and insects.

3. If the wood planter is used as a set pot, it can be painted with varnish and boiled wax can protect the wood. Padded plastic sheet, drill holes underneath, and pass the plastic sheet through.