How to make wood planter


When making wood planters, you must first choose some lighter solid wood, and then cut them to the length you want. Generally, there are more rectangles or squares. After cutting, build them according to the shape, and use glass glue or other watering Stick it firmly, and after it is completely dry and firm, you can put the soil to grow flowers.
How to make wood planters
1. Choose wood
The most important thing in making wood planters is to choose the wood first, choose lighter solid wood, and try not to choose the permeable and perishable wood, because it needs to be watered in the wooden pot later, if the wood is not suitable. The flower pots will rot in the later stage, which will affect the growth of the later plants, and it will be more troublesome to maintain.
2. Cutting
After selecting the wood, cut the wood to a length of about 30 cm, a width of about 10 cm, and a height of 5 cm. The specific length, width and height can be measured and cut according to the size of the pot you want, and the length of the pot you want Longer can cut the tub longer. If you want to be wider, reduce the length and increase the width of the wood.
3. Build
The cut wood is built according to the shape of length, width and height. Generally, there are three long baffles and two small side baffles. A square tub requires five blocks of the same length, width and height. After they are built, Use glass glue or other watering water to fix it firmly, and wait for it to dry completely.
4. Load soil
The dried wooden pot can be filled with soil to test its overall firmness. After confirming that it is correct, add culture soil to it. When cutting wood for plants in wooden pots, some small holes must be punched at the bottom, which is beneficial Draining, otherwise, the bottom of the tub will be very wet, which is not conducive to the growth of plants.